The chimneys are as black as the future
All the faces grey as stone
Thanks very much Margaret
For the work that you have done
Just pull out your fingers
Clean 'em with a snow
Just like the metal when it melts
At the top there is just scum

Echoes in the street (It's a ghost town)
The building's has lost it's heat (It's a ghost town)
Words that roll of your tongue (It's a ghost town)
The dole has just begun (It's a ghost town)

Pride is of the essence 
And when you take it away
There isn't much to live for
With the working day
Those Consett men had their pride 
And their jobs of steel
Now they stand in the dole queue 
With their hands outstretched

Yes that's the way to kill a town
Yes that's the way to kill a town