Yo! funky miss want you be the one I need
I can show you the world if you touch my dick
come on come on get up onto the floor
and what's for fear f f fear for?

I'm crazy it may be
it's fucking all I need

I know I know you are fuck forty four
yeah I know but what's not to ignore
here are atand and wait
wave on your nice that's all
so what's for fear f f fear for?

you see my mama yo she told me
what I felt before
my bros were prosecuted 'cause of sex and rock'n'roll
and I aha I wanna show you how I feel it
what I feel it piss it piss it piss it yeah yeah wow
stop don't you go making all that noise you will lose
funky miss it's only game and I'm
paying the rules what
oh am I crazy yeah it may be now
get on the floor
and stop that fear f f fear
what's that fear for?