My cold home is far behind
We´ve turned our world to a dead place
Can it be real or just a dream?
Here´s where we all start again
We must put our desgrace far away from our hearts
(we are on a mission)

My eyes are paralized by the landspace
What an amazing sight we´re free again!

We were not called here
this place,here is not our land
We must give to this land
All of our passion
We must learn from this land
How to upload our souls
We will never learn
We´re blinded by our greed

The quest for blood begins
We let the hate controls our minds
We think we have the right
Take this place and kill who´s on our way
Belive War is the only way to justify our crimes

My will confuses my mind
I don´t know who I am

Don´t look at me like this
I don´t belong to you anymore
I have waited my life to feel
This strenght inside of me
I have my decision
I´ve chosen the other side
I don´t want to come back
I´m the warrior of this land!

Solo 1 : Larenttes
Solo 2 : Leitao

If you want to fight, I´m prepared
I´ve got my belief
If you want the war, I´ll give to you
I´m one of them
You won´t spread your ambition here
Your time is over now
I will show you the way to home
I´m one of them.