Turn off the lights and let me in
After too long we´re standing here
Don´t know how much I´ve wished it
Staring at you I´m feeling free

All these words I hear from you
Changed something inside
Never before I´ve felt like this
Now it´s too late there´s no turning back

I´m yearning,
I´m wanting,
I wish to prove the taste of sin
I´m breathing,
I´m screaming,
I feel the heat under my skin
I´m reaching out for your love
(never let me be) be betrayed by the heart

It´s so strange to feel this shame on my head
I´m crawling to find the wayout

I was a fool to let you know
My deepest feelings inside
I trusted you I didn´t know
You were prettending all the time

Truth now was revealed...
Truth was revealed!

Now the time has come...
I know what you´ve done...
Truth was revealed...

Solo 1 : Larenttes
Solo 2 : Leitao

It´s so hard to feel this pain on my head
I´ve never knew I could get so far!

I´m kneeling,
I´m begging,
I wish to break free from this sin
I´m hurting,
I´m crying,
I feel the lack of your false love
I´m reaching out for my innocence
(I didn´t know) I was betrayed by the heart.