From damnation sacred gardens
My journey shall begin
Riding through the moongate
Allied with those fallen from grace

Hate and darkened virtue
Are the seeds I plant
On the fields of blinded lambs

Like a child
Veiled in white and red
They are tempted to be drenched in sin
Tempted to drown in lust

Behold the pale horse
I am sitting on
Know my name is death

Sun dresses black to attend this funeral

Raped paradise - nomen illi mors
Raped in paradise are the shepherd's fools

Their slaughtered souls
Are to the moon like a bloody kiss
As lunar serenade
I compose the soundtarck of decay

Strings straight from hell
And drums of doom
Act as fatal orchestra

Raped paradise - serpents deceit me
Raped in paradise are the shepherd's fools

Through the ashes of their cremation
My words do roar
May the sheep be sent among us wolves
So that seas of blood run from our mouths

In cruel and fire
Eden's desecration
Was held on my altar