An indian girl, she watched the moon and lived in the 
About the warrior of the moon who was a mighty god.
In the nights she tried to catch the light rays from the 
In order to hold her warrior-god whom she just loved so 
She saw a reflection of the moon in a lake.
Blinded by her love, she ran into the lake.
Fearlessly she swam never to catch the rays.
The shining of the moon just shimmered in her eyes
Just before she fell into the eternal dark.
The warrior of the moon, he grieved for indian girl who 
Devoted her life to loving him, who sacrificed herself.
The warrior-god changed her into a lily of the moon,
A watery plant whose large flowers open during the night.
See the lily opening herself towards the moon.
[Guitar Solo Kimmo]
[Guitar Solo Kasperi]