Far away is the dawn from your eyes, only darkness.
... only darkness I see in your eyes.
Fearlessly I'm leaning on you in the shadows, in your 
And there you find me, my mind is open for your mind.
Meet the night!
Loving your lifeless soul is all to easy.
Still in your lifeless heart there is some beating!
Love your living soul is just too easy.
The power of love beats death, come and join eternity.
Cold kiss!
Show me how is the world from your eyes 'cause I'm 
... 'cause I'm envious of your afterlife.
Just one kiss will release me from life - I know you want 
it too, I feel you do!
You know I'm longing, you know I want to take you to live 
with the moon!
[Keyboard Solo Tuomas]
[Guitar Solo Kasperi]