No my heart is turning baby
To know how to face the wave
But damnit love
don't you strangle me
Trying to fight the flickering
the shiver in the dream
You always want to hide
when you scared of leaving me
Don't make your love define me
When you find everything is always undermining me
you feel
You wanna hold me
You feel
You wanna hold me
Ghosts, she rules my grieving honey
But I know, we're changing
Damnit love
No I'm not better than that
You're trying to find a new love
Want to see it come again
You're Always out of love
Always undeceivable
turning up to mock the flowers
Tryin to have my heart
To keep it inconceivable
And turn in like a lost survivor
You want to feel
New love I can't give
Unused belief
Dreamt I saw you coming at me
my heart is In your black jacket
You’re leaving all your love
I know you're gone to be with her
But I'll see you outside Seattle
And I keep
I keep breathing your air
Hear you sing
"remember here"
There goes the yellow moon
And I keep fading here