Release me
Please come to me
Oh serendipity

They always saw what I couldn't see
When they tried to take my dignity
But I'm tougher getting stronger growing hard to beat
Always searching for a better way to be me

I'm on a one-way street
My fall from grace complete
But I feel that there's a hazard hanging over me
But I take away the feeling that I can't see

And now you say to me

R: Serendipity 
   The way to set us free
   'Cause every time I think it over
   it comes clear to me
   Release me
   Please come to me
   Oh serendipity

Just as a dream being detained
My anxiety is what I blame
But I'm tougher, I am stronger and I'm hard to crack
It's a message, it's my destiny to come back

One fallen enemy
A fading entropy
It gets harder but releases like a heavy rain
It is fatal to believe or to detain pain

Oh please come to me

R: Serendipity...

As they try to hunt me down
I live my life by their command
I thought I've seen it all
What is the plan
I shouldn't have to fight alone

This is a fragile moment
Release me

R: Serendipity...