Breathe so I can feel you on me
and trust in everything you believe
There's a million different reasons why I should hold 
But I've come to far to sever it all
Do or die I've taken the fall
And so let's drive under cover of a blood red sky
Another mile until we finally step out from the darkness 
of the night
We'll wave goodbye to the former lives we'll leave behind
As they fade away into the rear view while all these 
streetlights pass by
Wait just for a while and you'll see
This could be everything that you need
It's the perfect ending to a life of promises and ideals 
that have fallen apart
now this time it's right from the start
So drive with me to the end of the road we're on
Ride this out until we end up alone
Fate is all that we can make of it
What do you want to make of it tonight?