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Subject: Paul Revere
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Posted: Thu Dec  7 12:03:40 1989
     "The Ride of Paul Rever
    Alan Sherman
From _My_Name_Is_Alan_
As the clock struck twelve that fateful night
In the town of Boston, Mass,
Our forefathers were sound asleep, of course.
From beneath their windows came a noise
That almost broke the glass:
'Twas a
 wild-eyed horseman on a breathless horse.
So our forefathers called out, "Who goes here?"
And the horseman answered, "Paul Revere."
So our forefathers climbed out of bed,
And they went to the window and said,
"Go to sleep, go to sleep, Paul Revere!
Please don't make all that noise around here.
How can we rest when from down in the street
Comes the clomping and the stomping of your horse's big feet.
"Go away or we'll call the police.
And report you're disturbing the peace!
Stop horsing around 
In the dark of the night.
Tell those people at the Old North church to turn out that light!
"Whatever you're trying to say, it'll keep;
Go to sleep, Paul Revere, go to sleep.
"Are you planning to stay until dawn?
Won't you please get that horse off 
My lawn?
You're drunk and disorderly, feeling your oats.
Tell those strangers behind you to take off those silly red coats
"Why, you're carrying on like the British are here!
Go to sleep, go to sleep, Paul Revere.
Go to sleep, go to sleep, Paul Rever
Go to sleep, go to sleep, Paul Revere."
(after music stops)
"The king will hear of this!"
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