She's an ordinary girl
Her family moved to Liverpool, she hates the school
Burns the books and works in the supermarket
'Cause her class-mates teased when she said she'd be famous
You don't need CSE's when you're going to be Miss World -
And if they mispronounce your name
Miss World - You'll just be happy that you came, Miss World
Well the man on the phone said
"Glamour work's a stepping stone towards the throne."
And he was right 'cause she's televised tonight

Her new career begins and ends in tears
As last year's quits and the crown just fits...
And hey you've made the grade
Don't be afraid of this world
It's a hollow victory
You've been doing things for charity
But not for free...
Cutting ribbons, open a supermarket
You see how dark it is when the sash and the flashbulbs fade
When they stop the cheques and you're only an ex-Miss World