How the great have fallen
See how life has passed them by
Was anybody looking at the crystal ball
When his star was on the rise?

Stuffing his face with
 canned ham sandwich spread.
He was on the road to stardom
Stayed a salesman instead.
What Happened?

What makes one kid a star
What makes the other 
 just another woman's child?
I watch the T.V., watch the fat kid grin.
Watch America go wild.

But he's not the famous child star anymore.
He's just a funny-looking guy at the stereo store.

The fickleness of fame and fortune's caprice.
Together changed the life of Mason Reese,
(Well, come on).

You can still see Mason in the Underwood ads 
 at the back of your mind.
Or you can see mason at the Crazy Eddie store
 on the Upper West Side.
Watching Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis
He knows how much old dwarf child stars mean to us.