[When we close our eyes and withdraw from the world around us, we awaken to perceive another beyond it. If we explore this limitless realm with willed steps, we are granted the opportunity to come in contact with the denizens of the Otherworld, to experience initiation and to even converse with the Divine.]

Across the arcane bridge of soul-flight
I have arrived in your domain
where the great fair three as one shine
yet the fourth still veiled remains

As through these glades I wander
strangest roses tear my skin
they deepen the spell I'm under
with your venom of hallowed sin

Though I remember not, again I now know
the language of owls that are guiding me back home

Free my starving soul and chain my heart
to this ardent hour of ecstasy
with the sword of your splendor pierce my eyes
make your radiance the last thing I'll see

The Gate of Eden is swung open
I am a witness to your reign
my life I offer you as a token
for one drop from wisdom's vein

To you I pray, make me versed in your ways
pale pilgrim with the bloodied crescent horns
grant me strenght and on my head now place
the wreath of silver thorns

It is not your wrath that may crush me
it is your love that must...

Pain and relief, sorrows and joys
they all shriek at me in your worldless voice

Rend apart my heart and anil my soul
to Night's searing cross of severity
with the speark of your judgement pierce my side
make painful bliss the last thing I'll feel