Hang around on a sunny day it’s alright
Picking flowers at the dawn of May it’s all bright
Safe people don’t go to pray and it’s alright

Saying sorry when you know you’re wrong it’s all good
Sing these lyrics to another song and it’s all good
Just as long as you go along it’s all good

But where there are clouds
Rain will fall

Cold love looks you in the eye and that’s okay
Two lovers with an alibi that’s touché
Ask no questions and you hear no lies is what they say

Ride the storm and laugh about it
It’s just a breeze if you look the other way
No sky’s ever been clear without it

Take a dive when the water’s warm
Blow the smoke away from the smoke alarm
Hurt no one and you do no harm
But don’t you know

That where there are clouds
Rain will fall
Where there are clouds
Rain will fall