Through the years of chasing dreams
Steady moving onward in our 350
Still broke as hell but enjoying the routine
Sure a couple of faces changed
Must have been for the best 'cause I can't complain
When everyone's still giving 100%

Our times together get better as we see the world through glass and mirrors
Seems like when we're on the road the troubles back home disappear
6 in all ready to brawl for a sleazy motel bed
If we can't have that a friend's floor is fine
We just need a few hours of rest
Could you help us with that?

Early morning wake with a band mates shake
Half asleep beside another's feet
The daylong drive to a nightclub dive
Repeating the process tomorrow and the night after several weeks straight

Now everyone's been sick at least once or twice
My pleasant queen-size sure sounds nice
After a month of drunken humor our jokes get old like our wardrobes
And we're ready to make our way back to the southern border