If I left tomorrow would you notice?
This familiar town's getting the best of me
Whispers on sidewalks
Steady shit talk when you're not around
The story turns so many directions
Getting lost doesn't sound too bad

Maybe I'll see you somewhere down the road
If not, that's all right either way

Open your eyes quit being blinded
By the nonsense wrong does bring
Keep facing forward 'cause you're falling backward without any idea
That the people smiling haven't a clue who'll be popular next year

Only fools will rush for the gold
If only they knew it's painted yellow

Quick stop the bottom drops lower than you want to feel
Might as well kneel
First start blown apart begging for another chance to correct mistakes
Why should I try fixing broken wings you'll never fly?
With bricks strapped on your waste line sinking in mud and tears

Move a little faster or you'll get run over
Pick up the speed or else head for cover
Once again

Map out a safe route don't travel on a clouded mind leave worries behind
There are enough situations to face save your strength I'm saving mine
You've latched on this long yet your grip seems to loosen weaken
Slipping through the palms of a gentle hand
I thought you were a careful man

Farewell old city
At least for right now
See you soon
Sooner than I want