The world we live in, requires us to develop this ego
It defends us from criticism and hides our insecurities
And we wear this facade as a badge of pride so long
that we forget what's truly underneath
It's the points where we at our loneliest and darkest moments
that it becomes apparent, there's still, so much

Dead or alive I will survive, yo I'm tried and true
Trials that you get through and tribulations that'll send you
to the nuthouse, big house or dirt dig'd out of the earth
and headstone just to honor your worth (just to honor your worth)
Engraved with your birthdate and models poppin bottles at the bar
A big car that we brawl over, the way it's are
We gettin over even classy in the Range Rover
He feels threatened, protectin his thoughts as a soldier
The older we grow, the more sober gets old
The high, of adrenaline barely compares to modern medicine
Then again if we lived like we supposed to
Smokin chronic, drinkin tonic out in Acapulco, you say "Let's go"
But it would probably drive us loco, enough to go postal
Fuck around and have a choke-hold on a local
Until you see the po-po, I'd say the system definitely hope so
There's so much that's in my soul, yo

So much we need to know, so much we need to blow
So much that we need to show, so much that it's in my soul
So much we need to grow, so much we'll never fold
So much that a nigga owe, so much that it's in my soul

So much...

[piano plays to the end]