Yeah, uhh...
Motherf**kers, yo

You see I fight for my livelihood, as focused as I might be should
I try harder than incarceratin fathers
Streets got the kids, thought of like doin but don't get caught up
The system rather see 'em brought up on charges
And slaughtered for the street fame, we take whenever we see cake
Police stay eminent, domain, borrow with no game
They want it back like old cats and Rogaine, cancer control things
Cell phone verbiage, microwaved preservatives
Medicated nervousness controlled by conservatives, the nerve of them
Have no concern for us, we work for them
At war soldiers hurt to win - another country's been destroyed
With no answers, so what the f**k was the purpose then?
Everything's polluted in years, how will the world contend?
Natural existence trampled on, by a world of men
Karma bring the drama back, boy woman girl or man
Drink my life away, wake up, and then I hurl again

[Chorus x2: Akir]
Everywhere I get 'em go, the beast watchin us
Know we got the spot in control, they got binoculars
When we be, out on the road they try to follow us
You never gon' silence this, this is the apocalypse

Check it, yo
Aiyyo the dudes lookin sweet, and the women lookin rude now
The places that we used to call home, niggaz got moved out
Powers that be, just let it be when there's catastrophe
Why they keep a tight grip on all that f**kin cash we need
Ain't seen no fire or no brimstone, but at this time it is warm
Fake wall between Christian and Islam, this shit's wrong
Killin over oil fields, this not God, it's free will
The greed done got the shit I'll - see?
Seekin the images and babies slain, crashin aero-planes
A bum, askin for change, a rifle blast a nigga out the frame
Invadin your brain, negative pictures just get ingrained
Of a mass sufferin 'til you get numb, to the pain
Over and over again, video games and movie flicks
And it seems, still there's no stoppin this
Through the worldwide populace, suburbs to metropolis
Misplaced wealth, brace yourself, this is the apocalypse!


Yo, yo yo
My labels need confession to free me from deep depression
Battle the evil presence, we prayin we seek the essence
To show us many lessons in how to address it
The end is manifest, this whole school is just a reference
Learnin to deal with these stresses, environmental stenches
Caused, by those electing, neglecting people's protection against
Bein defenseless losin my senses, avoidin shit that's mis-stepped
And by pretentious, pretendin that they not dependent
My mind is my weapon and I'm feelin my life is threatened
Protect your head, neck and possessions cause I'm 'bout to set it
Follow and growin like Dianetics, they say I'm a relic
I guess I'm selfish cause of content, that I relish
I make the women dance and think, strengthen up my fellas
Curin the poison that they sell us, dodgin all this setup
Tryin to help my people's cerebellums swell up, fed up
Babylon has fallen, no matter WHAT they tell us


Everywhere that I get 'em go, the beast watchin us