Go to work give your shares, we'll drain the life from you
The Internet so cool tax dollars hard at work
Built my new swimming pool you think you elected me
So trust I know what's best for you
What do I get for my taxes? Social security
You will never control me

Sit down watch the news, we censored it for you
We control everything you're thinking, so don't be feeling blue
Conform and don't ask questions, you'll wind up in jail
Subliminal happiness is what you want as we can tell
Kicked in the head for non conformity
You will never control me

Uncle Sam, he wants you to take his hand, see you through
Give your life, never trust no one who lies to you
Remember Vietnam nothing but total scam
Can you trust Uncle Sam when he smiles and lies to you?
Nixon Watergate, Clinton, it's too late
George Bush, he can't wait to control all our minds