GUY: I dreamt something last night,
and it still plagues my mind
I just can't forget, I must tell everyone

I spent my whole lifetime standing in the dark night
Couldn't find the meaning while I lived in the gloom and glum

The place you explored on your voyage now has me enthralled
There, into the light we'll soar and live on as one

All our doubts have ceased now, no more horror creeps now
Now a future without fear has just begun

You know I must go now, out on this mission so proud
I must show them meaning, spreading the word to everyone!!

A newer state of being waits beyond our life
A new terrain awaits to where all our souls fly
From the temple of the soul here towards the light
The land of shadows - we'll never see again
In our future life

GIRL"Listen here!
The road's a nightmare
All the world may not understand
You're not prepared
You still need a guiding hand..."

GUY: I cannot wait
Cos life won't wait either
My soul is pure n' prepared for all
Let everyone see clearly from now evermore!