You gonna kill?
See I still have this, this male aggression thing and I 
don't know if you're gonna kill me and I don't care, 
enough's enough.
Cause we were getting twenty gunshots that night and I 
couldn't figure out where they were coming from. I went 
out there and found out everybody was shooting 
everybody. There's a lot of stress in that city, in 
Detroit as far as stopping crime if you wanna stop the 
crime, you better talk to John Nichols cause he knows 
what he's doin'.
Man you know how it feels, I feel worse tonight. That 
man, if I wanted him to listen, get up and go to 
Beverley and leave me alone, he would do it. He has a 
father complex, I wish he was the father complex, he's 
sixty-eight years old and he'd still kick my ass even 
though I can deep squat for 2000 or so. I don't have 
any fun, at all. That's the least of problems. There 
ain't no fun out there killing people, no.
I've got a certain amount of common sense. I know the 
precedence of morals, and whether you believe it or not 
you've taught me a lot. Don't worry if you wanna screw 
off the past...
I'm scared of you! Who do I go to? Where do I go? 
Nothing that you knew you were doing 'cept I've always 
known what I was doing. Dr. Fratelli said, "Gerald, 
there's nothing wrong with you. You are so sane you're 
I don't have no fun, ever! You worked thirty years at 
Chrysler's, well hell I got fifteen years seniority 
there, what are you talkin' about? I don't have no fun 
at all!
What, it's very fashionable to say that it's 
schizophrenia so I guess I'm unfashionable.
Which would you rather have: sleeping a lot and staying 
on the subject or being more awa- I'm sleeping a lot, 
I'm being awake, cause I feel now that I've got a fairy 
friend out of childhood who got very anxious around 
people. And last Yuletide took the resolution: "I don't 
like people." And my reply, this Yuletide, is: "Mad