For again man must build the highest of towers
For the art of Hubris must again shine upon thee
No Lord stands before oneself other than the reflection of the I
Protagonists hath yet again soweth the seeds of arrogance
Pride doesn't go before a fall, nor does pride blind
One cannot tolerate the body and mind not to fully improve
Or the awareness of thyself as the one true being
For God allows no one to have high thoughts but himself
Seest thou how God with his lightning strikes
All that groweth and exceeds the limits of submissiveness
So plainly does he love to bring down
Everything that exalts itself
And all that does not haveth
Within him the rereverance of God
For he hath himself ministered that envy is an atrocity
And that the glory of man must be oppresed
He whom hath the confusion of tongues
Are himself chained to his own inconsistency