Now you’ve done
Told me all about his past 
Reminding me that it won’t last 
And how I should just move on
You’re tryin’ to say you’re doin’ me a favor
When in all honesty gesture hater
Cause you don’t have no one to love you like I do

You can say what you want 
but I don’t believe
one word you said
to make me think
I understand that game of confusion
You give me lead than u choosin’ 

Once I’m out of the doe
You won’t move ass enough to get you some
Some of that same …. you told me to ….
But it ain’t goin’ that way 
Trayin’ ... another day 
You can say what you want 
I ain’t goin’ no way

So in addition to what I’ve said
You’re never gonna make it to his b…
So give it up and
Get it out of my ear 
Cause I pick game 
When you said
That all man are all the same 

So I told you to leave him 
I told you to leave him
He ain’t no good for you
He ain’t nothin’ but a doll
And he’s always out with his boys

You can’t get me to leave
Or change what I believe