I'm in the party rock the short set
Spanish mommi in the corset
Go right to the bathroom to get the whore wet
Never raw sex, yes I wear the plastic honey
I'm magic Bronsonelli spending all the magic money
Keep on grinding my dick
We'll be on Facebook in 20 seconds holding knives in the flick
Shorty dancing with her tittes out
Staring at me with that pretty mouth
Yo I'm bound to dig the kitty out
Just take me back to the youth
The tommy hil guess g rock the gortex on the boot
Smelling like shoup, you see me flex in the coup
Guess I came a long way from smoking bless on the stoop
But still, never frontin little hookers with there hands out
Shorty pull your pants out, pour the water on it
Shake it off like a dog
The sour diesel fog all the fly ladies singing a song
It's bronson!

We got the liquor flowing heavy, piff holding steady
Shorty in the room sniffing the confetti
Well now she talking my ear off
Whisper in the ear mommi take you brassiere off and show a tit
I'm on the couch going in on a dance move
My team a bunch of criminal vandals
No sandals, high stakes, bitches hopping out the cake
Bending over, show me how the booty shake
She did a split, stop and pop it like cherokee
Moving one cheek at a time right to the melody
I wanna bite her on the back
Crumple dollar bills and throw em right up her crack
I'm going in, you peep the trim, snappy dappy dugout
Her pussy dripping yo I had to throw my rug out
Sunrise and the dicksucks and liquor pouring
Not a single motherfucker in my clique is snoring