This is the highlight of my youth
I’d bring these walls down and crumble on you
I can turn a finger to the sky
And make a motherfucking tornado tonight

I’m addicted to darkness, I stand with courage 'cus I know this is real
I’m addicted to laughter, I’d say excuse me but I don’t care how you feel.
This is the one thing that I’ll do, Get your two step on
If you could think of all the things that you have ever said to me
You would have one hell of a portfolio
I stay in line cause everybody’s to out to get me
I’ve seen it with my own eyes
I like the way that people act and then you turn your back to them
It’s like this life’s on a bad show
I save my words and stand aside cause I don’t want no trouble, no trouble?
I’m just fucking with you, fuck that shit
I am the one you should book for a show
Breathing this air makes me hotter than most.. wait for it..
I will destroy you and make you believe.. here it comes!
That you were some fucked up rip off of ME.. damn..
And once again you fail to acknowledge the intelligence of my inter being
If you would just shut your fucking mouth for one fucking second
And think of someone other than yourself, you’d be better off!
Don’t you grow tired of your selfish mistakes

This is more than a constant reminder, this will never stop
I’m so much more than a twisting tornado, I WILL NEVER STOP.