I can taste the victory tonight
It's right here on the tip of my tongue
This isn't over for me until it's over for you
And thou serpent never adder stung
Look into the future for me baby
Five shots got me going real crazy
You see the townspeople worship me greatly
And they expect me to offer them safety
Look around tell me what you see
A hidden valley with a castle
Drifting into the sea
We can't hold back the enemy any more
Three cheers for victory
Another army brought down
Put into history
Prepare our artillery
As we wait for our enemies delivery

And this
Is the moment that you've all been waiting for
Under me
There will be no fear
No defeat
No mercy

Fire filled battlefields
Watch my stock reap high yields
Let's make this music the soundtrack of war
I warn my enemies
Attack them mentally
This magic fills my veins like ecstasy
My serpents wrap around your fucking throats
And when I'm finished
You'll be running for the fucking boats

Bullets fly right at my face
I raise my hand in place
They stop in space and fall
Straight to the ground
So take a look at my teams
Not backing down
The sky is lit
My vibrant triple crown
Tell me we should let them flee
Their leaders all we need
But I'm not certain I am finished yet
I want them all to see
This power inside of me
And send them running
For the fucking hills

Unconnected you will be unto me
Undetected I will be you will see
Unexpectel this will be unto thee
Unprotected you will be under me

You really think that you can stop me now
I swear your petty little comments
Make me laugh out hard
I'll strip you down to a bone
Then cast you into a stone
And let these crows collect
With what they will
The air you breathe has gone stale
The fires smoke you inhale
Perfect my pigment I am not for sale
If you still think that you can stop me now
You can't
This war has just begun

I am Azza
Bow to me bow to me now
I am Legion
Bow to me bow to me now
I am Forneus
Bow to me bow to me now
Chapter 7
Bow to me bow to me now