Step back, this is our offering
If I could change the world I’d stop the suffering
Step back, This is my final bow
My hands were meant to break, can we not do this now
Step back, I can’t believe my eyes
My walls are standing tall, your walls are shaded lies
Step back, how is this relevant?
I can’t afford your loss, just stop the arguement
Step back, I’ll fucking beat you down
Your walking down my streets I wear the fucking crown
Step back, who do you think you are?
If I can’t take the heat, how did I get this far?

Time will always win

If you listen to me I’ll tell you useful things
That you could take away and bring another day
Your brain is common minds, and if it’s worth the crime
You could just take a seat, and let the chorus speak
They say I grew up too fast, How the fuck did I last
That I was up to no good, I think it’s understood
That this is way past date, and if you fucking hate
I got my fingers up, cause I don’t give a fuck

I am a king where I come from, and we’re packing titanium

Oh, Let me introduce myself

Bow down to me!