Gotta recognize this game
This goes out to all my niggas in the pen, yeah, uh
You know what's up in the hood, hay
You got to stick with that shit cause it gets kinda ruff
You got to put game down like a motherf*cker
As you know what I'm saying
Got my nigga KM.G in the house
I got my nigga Kokane in the house
I got my nigga K-Oss in the house
Yo, and I'm the 1, 1-87

Now everybody in the 90s wants to be the boss
But you know it costs with the sauce
If ya short then ya loss, yo
Cause in the 90s ain't no past time
It's just a bunch of fast time niggas
Coming up from doing crime, yo
So walk the line like a G, nigga
Cause when ya losing
There ain't nobody's side for ya
Cause see Uncle Sam's curse
Got me closer to my hearse
Than I ever was really suppose to be
Flipping that high price process
Number one nigga killer
Colombian coca leaf
To myself I'm livin' like Donald Trump
But to my people
I'm just like Fred Sanford sellin' jokes
I'm caught up
I'm caught up in some real shit
I got to make a mill' quick
So I can get out and be legit
There's a fork in the road of all our live
Some do it wrong and some do it right
See I'm a nightmare stalking when I'm on a mission
But if you think I'm no different
Than your average politician
Telling lies, selling scum
Pimping hoes, moving guns
Keep 'em high, keep 'em broke
Make 'em bleed, make 'em sprung
Will I ever make it
I don't know
As I'm sitting in the rain
Waiting for my rainbow

So let it rain, oh
Sometimes player you know I get so lost
Let it rain, oh
Destiny gave the lives it gained
Sometimes it gets so rough, player
What game are on your mind

Thing are not fine
Ain't gonna let it rain?

Hey, like yo
I'm faded leaning in my shit
Fo reala' KM.G
Surrounded by a ki?, capiche'
We the products of our neighbourhood
We hanging out and we always up to no good
I'm checking on the devil when we pay the price
I bet you on the first roll
I'll hit now hand the dice
Now let a nigga blind you with science
Maybe plot?
Cause Above The Law comes with the motherf*cking violence
So we defiant when we f*cking pimp the Ville
And we always keeping that gass/kicking that ass?
Even before our record deals, yeah
The goverment put us in this situation
So now we mob with no hesitation
With big doobies I get up
Oh, now I'm so high, I see stars in the sky
Now I got this problem in my head
I need a gang of fly bitches to be tossin' me in my bed
So now I play dumb
As you're staring at my biscuits and my 5-0-1's
So before the revolver?
Send them batches over
Cause we feeling kind of cocky in the month of october
So let it rain
Let it rain
Let it rain
Let it motherf*cking rain

People always want to ask where you came
People always try to get in my game
Now let it rain
Sing-ing ohh
Player things get so ruff
You gotta go in?
Now let it rain
Oh playas
I see playas out on the aft'(er)?
Got to hustle
Got to do that thing on the streets
They love a messy game
Ohh now let it rain
Oh playas
Sometimes it gets so ruff
When you get so down some days
But don't want to see a come up
Now let it rain
Let it rain
They wanna see a nigga rather come to his grave
Fool help me pimpin'? uncle sam
Pimpin'? of uncle sam