If it ain't about the chips, I ain't 'bout the stress
That's why I stay dipped behind limousine tint
With a fly hooker, and a fly hookup
'Bout to bend the corner where K-oss cook up, yeah
Four tight-Ass-Chevys, linked at the spot
Pancaked and hot
Chariots await, for the homies call
That'll twist 'n grip, K Mr U-Haul
And f*ck the fifty boys you see
Plus they ain't thinkin' 'bout the P.C.G
Trouble man like Marvin
Come humble with the bumble
Legs on stumble, lay the Glock on the table, now
Nigga, is you able to be my price
Or nigga, is you able to roll them dice?
Nah, but I see your ass trickin' tonight at the club
Bitches hittin' your ass for dubs
Yeah, I got beef with Bumpy, beef with the Grimmys
Two little bitches, careers all finished
I'm laughing at that ass with my homie Tow-Truck Kurt
Just put in work on your turf, nigga
G for it, and I'm ready for that rap shit
To capture all the scrill record deal could bring to me
Hennessy, diamond link, too many freaks
Asshole naked at the chateau on the beach

It's a hold up, with a L.A. flavour
You get rolled up with your bitch ass behaviour
That's the L.A. vibe............
I'm like the grill on a '64 Chevy, I'm classic
Have your bitch sayin' "Hutch, we kinda tight,"
Push a SE 400 with the ??
Niggas get scared when I bring the pain
I'm a legend, you could check the scrapbook
Snitches and player-hating bitches, gettin' shook
Got to lay law, when I say it's time to lay
Got to pay up, when I say it's time to pay
Because you don't really wanna see me and my kinfolk
Hanging out the window, with the toolie "pow"
We comes deep like the waters in heavy soup
We got it sewed up every block, every avenue
Uh, that's the L.A. vibe.........

It's the L.A. vibe

See I mash up the block, I love my turf
And players can hate for what it's worth
I twist what I can just to stay alive
Cause that's the L.A. vibe