This is how it's goin' down
Across town, yeah

In life we have good times
Like rolling in a Chevy in the high palm trees
As we see Erika and Kasha give us nothing but props
As we sip on fine Remi like there's no tomorrow
We run into bad times
Bad times meaning
When you look on your porch to pick up your package
There's a couple of extra UPS men
That aren't normally there when you pick up your package
Sad young player, I feel your pain
Seems our downfall has been a game
Sad times
Sad times meaning
When you go gold
Oh yes, you yourself do go gold
Do go platinum
But 75% of the work you do
Was created by someone who wants 100% of your publishing

Nothing's in your name
You're not really a player in the game
But the whole world seems to think that you're
Some type of role model
Some type of act to follow
I say those who follow those under false pretenses
Shall suffer the ultimate devastation
Devastation meaning
While you've investing your time in being Mister Bigshot
Someone's contemplating on trying to take
The treasures that you think you got
It's a tangled web
Life is
God bless those who have one to give
Someone asked me
Do I like the life that I have?
I said yes
The good, the bad, and the sad
So welcome
And thank you...

This is an escalation, merging every corner of your mind
And with the twist of a rhyme, we outlast time