Imagine the godlike devil 
Representing the thesis 
Repress, redress and reform 
Still together uniform 
A new order of things is born 
Culminating in an antithesis 
Wish for a moribund equanimity 
Released from earthly emancipation 

Vivit et non vivit [he lives and he lives not] 
No truthfulness, no nothing 
It could never spare your life anyway 

Give me symbolical antidote, refresh the blood 
Daemon impetus, aria of a silent dream 
Time and being, rendez-vous the flood 
History bears witness of doctrinal screams 

Semigod; for all what it's worth 
Values; no pity, no fucking liability 
Demigod; heading towards north 
Morals; always behold the ambiguity 

Honour the siege by he 
Who's going to judge the living 
And the dead and the world by fire 
Antagonism, join the precepts of violence 

Presence of flesh, of all that I gave you 
Rotten to the core 
Would you ever ask for more? 
Vivit et non vivit [he lives and he lives not] 
With no human intervention