At the name of Jesus every knee will bowAnd every tongue confess Him the King of Glory nowIt’s the Father’s pleasure that we should call Him Lordho from the beginning was the mighty WordGlory to the Lord on highGlory to the Son who came to earth to dieGlory to the Spirit who lifts the name on high:The Name of Jesus, The Name of JesusAt His voice creation sprang at once to sightAll the angel faces and all the host of lightThrones and dominations, stars upon their wayAll the heavenly order, in their great arrayThey sangIn Your hearts enthrone Him; there let Him subdueAll that is not holy, all that is not trueCrown Him as Your Captain, in temptation’s hourLet His will enthrall You, in its light and power Behind the Song:"There was a point in time when every creature gave “glory” – or positive attention – and credit to God as the supreme, loving, perfect Being. Can you fathom billions upon billions of angels with perfect voices singing and shouting glory to the very name of Jesus? Glory to the Lord on High! Glory to His Son, who came to earth to die for mankind’s insurrection! Glory to the Spirit, who points all human hearts and minds toward the powerful and majestic name of Jesus! While all of heaven is currently and constantly giving praise and worth to God, I don’t do it often enough, and there are probably millions of people who have never bothered to give any credit to the God of the Universe. Yet one day, every knee will bow and recognize that He is God. One day, every tongue will confess that He is the King of Glory." - Aaron Shust