Hello, it's me
I didn't really want to call
But I'm drowning in my self pity
And only you could stop my fall

Hello, it's me
Do you listen at all?
I'm drowning in my agony
Broken after all

Excuse me, could you need me for...
...just any kind of thing you're working on?
I am knocking at your door
And I'll do whatever you want

Hello, it's me
I'm sick of staring at those walls

I wished so hard that I could leave
But my feet don't work at all

Hello, it's me
At least what's left of my poor soul
I need a little sympathy
To get out of this dark hole


Come down in my little world
Please show me how to believe
Oh, I'll hang on every word
I promise I'll do anything you need


Whatever you want...