Nothing now but cages and railings 
All topped with barbs 
Even the weather's apologetic 
Sees no rhyme or reason 
All exits barred now 
Love left lonely, gave way to the grave 
Left my smile somewhere on the journey between that and loss 

The walls of another god's house encrusted in mould 
Sewage poured from ceiling, damp liquefied floor 
A building devoid of use, now 
A weather beaten grave 
Untended, no longer remembered 
By those who left the queue 
For mourning 

Merrily kicking the skulls of ex-deities 
Through the ex-halo hoops of toes up ex-angels 
More trophy heads for my walls 
No more crying about heaven or a lack of it 
No more to be found wanting 
Hoping for a safety net 

My lake of passion still edged with rust 
Her waters fouled by the corpse of lust 
So, I dug the last few feet of the six myself 
All too eager to taste the dust 
I laughed as I threw the first handful of earth 
I smiled as I watched the topsoil spread 

Autumn she sprang over summer into winter 
All was lost. 
All is lost. 
So much more snow than sunbeams these days 
What once was? 
What once was. 
The cold she marched through the rain 
Past the corpse of rebirth 
Blacked out the sun's last refrain 
Endless cycle ended