Silence shattered like ice, incipit rage in myriad voices of the wind 
All light now absent as the banshees howl 
No solace in the maelstrom. 

Even the sun's afraid to rise around here 

It's ice cold as far as the eye can see 
Relentless winter restraining the new mourning rays. 

Frozen in thought whilst seeking oblivion. 

Got scalded by summer, given the cold shoulder by winter 
We'd watched the world go by... 
Shifting slowly from here to there, going in the direction of everywhere, but arriving neither here nor there
 Now there's a taste of blood in all the throats around here. 

Asked for a shot of winter in my holocaust, it caught my throat afire on the way down
 Wrought iron gateways pleading, under-used ovens awaiting further problems 
Countless eyes closing, rhyme boring reason. 

It wasn't very sunny that weekend, sitting and watching this world stumbling to it's end.
All rain all everywhere 

Shining wet skies' tears. 

Sun hides in fear just around the corner from here 
Just around the corner, see? Over there! 

God's... eyes... closed