I am the one in ten  
A number on a list  
I am the one in ten  
Even though I don't exist  
Nobody Knows me  
Even though I'm always there  
A statistic, a reminder  
Of a world that doesn't care  

My arms enfold the dole queue  
Malnutrition dulls my hair  
My eyes are black and lifeless  
With an underprivileged stare  
I'm the beggar on the corner  
Will no-one spare a dime?  
I'm the child that never learns to read  
'Cause no-one spared the time  

I am the one in ten,

I'm the murderer and the victim  
The license with the gun  
I'm a sad and bruised old lady  
In an ally in a slum  
I'm a middle aged businessman  
With chronic heart disease  
I'm another teenage suicide  
In a street that has no trees  

I am the one in ten, 

I'm a starving third world mother  
A refugee without a home  
I'm a house wife hooked on Valium  
I'm a Pensioner alone  
I'm a cancer ridden specter  
Covering the earth  
I'm another hungry baby  
I'm an accident of birth.  

I am the one in ten