hey mr.bouncer, let me get me inside this club.
i wanna dance my ass off 2nite (2nite..).
kane,dee and chino are already in and im braz,the singer of 4lyn.
i wanna meet my people and also i wanna meet my darlin(my darlin).
i wanna dance,iwanna dance 2 b the king 2nite.

i wanna b a discohead, oooh-oooh-baby-baby, ooh-ooh-baby cmon

i got ma superstars on and the mirrorball is waitin 4 me...
so get me WWW.insi.DE .com on (whoo-ha!).
see all this hoochie-mamas on their way 2 da wardrobe,wanna feel mo comfortable.
s see booties (oh,that hurts!)
high-heels and miniskirts.
hookers dressed like queens,
and if u would b here,then u would know what i mean,yo..
eyeballs are ready 2 burst,
and i got da