Come close and tiptoe
Whisper simplistic
Like chalk on sidewalk
Over and over

This is all just hearsay
Placid attachments
War torn embracing
Over and over

See teeth just gnashing
Blueblood on blackboard
Swallow a mouthful
Over and over

With the world falling down at a pace that breaks us
Rolling like the credits that end again
We really needed to believe in this
Derivative irrelevant smoke and mirrors

No more maybe I'm numb, baby
No more hanging pressure in the air so calm
Your honor will they hear me over all that laughter

Mummy and daddy I see the pretty gavels
They will make all the choices for me
I simply move to the pace of angels
I don't swagger, I just dangle

Why is this so difficult?
Because I can't see
Why is this so difficult?
Because I can't breathe

This is just transition, nothing more
Watching the world dumb down to an all-time low

And I was stuck in a steady surveillance
of an outpost of ingrates
locked down and uptight
destined to makeshift 
directions to sunset
many more moments
were more mal intentioned

so maybe they're winning 
with wisdom we wanted
so be it sophia 
your glamour is gone

So we surrendered, in silence still hoping
Hoping, still hoping they're that then and nothing more

Over and over
Over and over
Over and over