I surely knew it was a trap ye 
Yet my hands they would not listen 
I shoulda known your word was flap 
Comin' out all sweet an drippin' 
O so where could I go yes but to the lord 
I been to your house an' see what you adore 
I left there stiff stiff as a board 
Where could I go but to the lord 
When will I hurt for heaven's sake 
When will I suffer for the sake of heaven 
All my love well it is madness 
Freely given to you folks with gladness 
I will not live and die no not by the sword 
I am weak without the joy of the lord 
Taste and see that the lord is good 
Let's bend our knees like we know we should 
We can't see clear our eyes are made of wood 
Taste and see boy that the lord is good