The devil's brand is on my bones 
An' from inside the holy ghost groans 
Sure as shootin' the undertaker knows 
He lays the headstones in endless rows 
Ye one an' all we croak like a raven 
It's the dead an' the dyin' we're cravin' 
Ye one an' all 
Follow the man tall 
Hear his voice 
An' drop to a dead crawl 
Hey boy 
Look straight at the sun 
To the center you make a dead run 
You're gonna halfta cut off both my hands 
I got pride as big as dixie land 
I want to sit where the velvet is red yes an' 
Where can I lay this apple core? 
I want to drink of the blood that was shed girl 
I can't breathe anymore 
Ye that's right she's waltzin' out the door 
To dandy lions waitin' 
Ye that's right she wants more 
She's my lady in waitin'