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Woke up this morning, it was all wrong.
Wouldn't face my problems.
So I wrote them in this song.
Don't have the money for all the things I want.
Can't be happy, no satisfaction guaranteed.

If you could change anything what would you do.
Make yourself rich, have everybody love you too.
Take away the pain, the fear, the hate, the ignorance.
Yeah sure you laugh.
This ain't no fairy tale book dream.
Despite your wishes it really just doesn't matter.

So your lover left you.
Maybe you never really loved.
Your job disgusts.
You can't feel what you're working for.
Go out and learn, leave the boring job.
Just walk away from dead end relationships.

Oh, what can you do?
The problems of your life...

If you love someone,
be sure to tell them how you feel.
Be happy in a simple life.
Change the things that cause you strife.

If you don't change anything, what will you do?
Make yourself sick watch every one abandon you.
Live with the pain, the fear, the hate, the violence.
Is this your life? It doesn't have to be this way.
But only you can make the change.