Dirge of the sea
Suicide come to me
And toast my despair
Martyrs fix
The blood red seal
Of clarity
Out of place
His bloodless face
Grown men like lambs
The weight of this ruined world
Bears down on me
Withering atrophy
Fulfill my legacy
I've reached the end
Of my mortality
Catastrophic malady
Path of totality
This empty carcass
All that's left of me
Crushing gloom
Cursed from the womb
Fall from the sky
A fragile bird
Unconquerable destiny
Annihilation bleeds inspiration
Like distant stars
These unbound wounds
Burn endlessly
Blessed destroyers
Of false hope
Indefinite and weak limbed
What man has created
Man can destroy
Do not fear Satan
Fear those who fear him
For they seek to devour
My famished voice is dying