Have you ever walked through hell And there was no one you could tell To help you through it all When all else seemed to fail? Why can't we be honest About our struggles and our pains The skeletons we dance with our secrets buried in their graves?
We all fight against the grain, all of us circling the drain, villainous, voodooed, star-crossed fools, all of us equal in our pain. We count our scars, in any weather, we are brothers, we are sisters, now let's sing together.
Sinner's are the new holy Before the throne I stand Righteous by the Blood only And that means that you don't got to live phony Pretending that your fine smelling while you die slowly At the same time a righteous and a sinful man that's what I am while I'm living this life span i'm defeated and that was my last stand no matter, man, i'll grab my songbook and I'll sing it with the whole fam
And we stand side by side Smiles on our faces with our broken lives How would that look? Everyone singing from the same Sinner's Songbook? And we'll stand hand in hand Grateful for the mercy that we can't understand But loving the freedom That we get from the same Sinner's Songbook!