Come on get your tickets, step up to the merry go round
Come on lift me up, take me home, take my feet off the
Everyone's got to be in, or we're out
Everyone knows what this is all about

Dizzy & dreamy you're dancing around in my brain
Working the orbital lodges onboard on this train
Once you're abroad there is no turning back
Once touch the backdoors the surface will crack

Number one, still undone
Number two, feeling blue
Number three, late for tea
Number four, here for more
Number five, still alive
Number six, need a fix
Number seven, gone to heaven
Number eight, always late
Number nine, feeling fine
Number ten, lost again

Free, now you say you're at peace, now you're spinning
The tales, 
I keep dancing the deep time, spin your secrets within
Tales of life everlasting, take me in, let it be

And the angels sang, sweetly the blues away
And I will bend this starless night into day

King, in this layer of gold, he once spoke of his home, 
He was once around the world, 
Lost in a merry go round, in this spinner of sound
Letting go, set me free

And the angels sang, so sweetly the blues away
And I will bend this silent night into day