we must make this sacrifice
 and these eyes will watch you die
 the accomplishment of this casualty
 your hopes and dreams fade away
 round one/let em all fall/let em all/they will not resist
 reality has came around now undecided no longer can i
 control fate ,i cut rip destroy to terminate your fucking life
 you will drowned in your sorrow for centuries
 overthrow the ones who are weakening
 departure,the passing, for the souls I've released
 an exit wound is a bloody scene
 duel yell
 i live to watch the blood fall
 streams of red
 all in dyer pain
 suffering of the masses
 no justice no peace
 i despise-all the ones who have doubted me in life
 i despise-all the ones who have failed me again
 and when they come back/cut em off
 eye for and eye
 carnage/hatred/death the cycle of life
 in science gun shots of revenge scatter blood all
 over the place
 annihilation/sweeping through
 passing over/a million souls
 eternal sleep/ rotting lives