Clarity Through Deprivation


Having traveled the darkest path
Disregarding the life I was given
Intentional plunder, the degradation
My self hatred becomes isolated
I've succumbed to the darkness
Feel the warmth devour my soul
Inescapable fate
Approaching transcendence
I see clarity through deprivation

My actions beg and plead
For an end to this insane world
Mortal death encroaches
Ending life that had no meaning
But the fractal portal opens
Slipping through dimensions
Dreadful path once binding
Now leading to enlightenment

Visions of immaculate detail
In vibrant clarity
I've been given the answers
And seen unimaginable sights
I have touched and altered
The physical and the spiritual
Realms of deception embedding the lies
Plaguing the future of all mankind

So dismal
Parallels have become entangled
Scriptures deciphered revealing the truth

Only through death can you transcend the lies

Inherit the knowledge that was manipulated
Now awakens the soul through consciousness
This is not suicide it's devotion
Sever the flesh, ascend and receive
Clarity through deprivation (x 4)