Take my advice if you want a lover
I'm not going to be your brother
Are you afraid of what you might want to do
Or is reality hard for you

You used to get yourself together
I've been treating you like bad weather
Scared your friends will get on you
You were too cautious when I warned you

One of these days you're gonna take off my shoes
You're gonna bring me the paper so I can read the news
I'm gonna love you so good
I'm gonna throw your mind
The fort of my love will got to dry your tide

Ain't nowhere for you to run
Your hope and wishes killed all your fun
Exhibition of what you don't know
Might be the reason for you to throw upon

Relax your mind and show your heart
I've never been your brother even from the start
I've always loved you, let me see your heart
Take down that wall to play your part