Winter Queen
Beauty will be taken by Darkness
make Love with her
Dawn comes without Pain unexpected
you'll stay Unstained
don't Trust light Reflection in Tears
then Sin can Stay
Desire kills Invention as casualty
cause Sin will Stay

I am a winter queen for you
The last and the first one too
I descend from the sky onto your grave
I'll set you free as the only one

The last and the first for you
I'll kill you and cover with my body

You were born into my arms
Without crying, cold as my clothes
With the frozen heart

we're Those who Weep silently without tears
we're Those who Watch this happiness
while hidden Behind Trees
we're Those who Sleep awaken without fear
we're Those who Dare to permeate
while hidden Behind Trees

Lament is drowned asunder a Reverie
song with no sound
Dreams dwell Hideous games not ending
just Fractured Time
don't Leave words unspoken each time
beyond the line
a finger-painted Picture Leaves Scars
cause Sin will Stay

I am a winter queen for you...

we're Those who Weep...