My Eye

Seinabo Sey

How do I make love rise in your eyes?
Why can't I make blood flush through your face?
Oh, and I want nothing but a glimpse of your smile
When I only wanna touch your skin

My moon
Has loved me broken, loved me blind
Loved me 'til there's no more time
Oh my, oh my, oh my
My eye, my eye
My eye, my eye, my eye
Oh, all I see is you
My eye, my eye
My eye, my eye, my eye
All I see is you
And I don't cry, don't cry
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry
I'll believe in you
Again too
My eye, my eye, my eye
When I close them, all I see is you

Would you love me when I'm down?
The glory's not around
Be my peace of mind
Baby, when I'm out of town
When you're not around, mmm
Yours have beauty unknown
You came in, now I'm cold
This is it, you take the throne
Oh, all I own
See, my heart has flown to your land
Flown to your land
I've seen your phantom too
My lovers bring
Lay your head up on my lap, see
My heart beats for you
What you gonna do?